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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

May 29, 2023

look ahead during a critical moment

A member recently asked me, "I received a rather sketchy request (ball) from a partner, how should I handle this?

In business, work exchanges are compared to catching a ball, expressing that the ball is in the other person's hands and it is coming this way.

A rough ball is probably a consultation where the recipient is unable to take immediate action.

Naturally, it would be nice if we receive an organized story that is easy for us to understand, but it does not necessarily mean that the other party is throwing a rough ball with bad intentions.

I will take up one obvious situation.

If you were buying a house for the first time, what questions would you ask your real estate agent?

He seems to say, "It would be nice if a family of four could live comfortably, supermarkets are nearby, and schools are close by, and I am also concerned about public safety.

That should seem like a rough enough ball to the other party.

Therefore, there is no malice on the part of the person asking the question, and the cause lies in a different place.

It all started when I casually threw a big ball.

To restate it precisely, it is not casually, but rather, it is something that is thrown because it has to be thrown.

For this to happen, there is a background of gathering information because it is still an unfamiliar field, but without superiority, and being forced to speak to the other party in a bashful manner all together.

If we expect that they will be pleased with the ball, we think they will be pleased if we return the rough ball, which they do not feel bad about, with a clean, organized and less informative ball.

In the real estate agent's words, "First, please list three things that are important to each of the four members of your family. Then, put them in order, number one, number two, and number three. Finally, the four of you can show them to each other and make a unified number 1, 2, and 3 for the family, which will make things easier.

If this is the case, my response was that it might be a good idea to consider one move ahead to improve the rhythm of the opponent, even though it might take a little effort.

May 22, 2023

I can't do addition or multiplication.

Intuitively, we know that adding happiness to happiness does not double happiness.

Probably the same thing would be true for happiness* happiness.

This and similar kinds of things are full of things like satisfaction and hope.

Then, what about those who work?

It is possible to have twice the number of people working as those who work + those who work = twice the number of people who work.

However, there are cases where the amount of work to be done + the amount of work to be done = not twice the amount of work to be done.

I think one way to go beyond the artificial intelligence boom is to aim for such a place.

May 15, 2023

Here comes the jerk chicken.

A kitchen car (food truck) of Jamaican jerk chicken came to our office.

The smoke was billowing as the sweets were made on the spot, and the crowd enjoyed a festive atmosphere for the first time in a long time, competing for a turn at rock-paper-scissors-scissors and coveting the leftover new sweets.

An evil person might ask, "Why do I have to ask you to come all the way to the kitchen car? But if it makes the place we work together more enjoyable, there's nothing wrong with that.

May 08, 2023

What is curiosity?

What is (having) curiosity? One theory says that it is "the feeling of wanting to fill in the gaps between what you assumed in advance and what actually happened.

Yes, it was really supposed to be this way, but when I think it is strange, I want to investigate the cause and the situation anyway.

I dare to think of the opposite meaning here.

In other words, what does it mean to be "incapable" of curiosity? I mean, what does it mean to "not have curiosity"?

At first glance, this question may not seem necessary, but it is surprisingly often asked.

Then, since it is the opposite of the first definition, there will be "no discrepancy between what was assumed in advance and what actually happened" or "it was not assumed in advance in the first place".

If there is no discrepancy, there would be no desire to investigate anything, so I will eliminate that part, and focus on the other part, "it could not be assumed in advance," which is why it could not be assumed.

That's because we can't assume anything because we have little or no knowledge of the situation.

Without a minimum of knowledge, it would be difficult to imagine the patterns that are about to occur.

That said, it is not easy to learn something you don't know.

I think it is better to be in an environment where people can naturally learn basic knowledge in order to have curiosity.

Curiosity itself is not the goal, so it is not something I am aiming for, but I think it is more interesting if everyone is excited, so I am creating all kinds of mechanisms to expose people to things they don't know.

May 01, 2023

Thinly and gingerly

The rain that blessed the crops has passed, and the sky has become clear and sunny.

As usual, we begin our activities on the roof of the office.

But first, I dozed off in a folding deck chair.

When a swallow flutters on a fluttering cloud or a zelkova flutters in the breeze, something you want to do comes to mind.

Oh, how I wish it had been a while since we've all had a pile of croquettes and a cold craft beer.

Past the Corona Disaster, we are warming up in the crawlspace.