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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

November 28, 2022

north wind, this one goes away

The wind blew and scattered the leaves of maple trees, and it became much colder.

One month from now, today is beyond Christmas and close to New Year's, so I honestly feel like this is for real.

I was making New Year's decorations next to the tree that I was diligently decorating, and I was in a very busy end-of-year mode.

Looking back at the resolutions I made at the beginning of this year, I see half of what I see and half of what I don't see, like the moon among the clouds.

We know we can't really make it in time, but we are trying to do it in a hurry and are dashing as fast as we can in a wrinkled master's race.

November 21, 2022

Something to believe in growth.

Spend your money and time on things you believe will grow."

is an easy-to-understand expression and is a criterion for making an investment decision.

In the case of a company, it is easy to answer the questions: Does a stylish interior design lead to growth, does launching a new service lead to growth, does increasing the number of workers lead to growth, does prominent advertising lead to growth, does providing more customer support lead to growth, does providing ample training lead to growth? Does more customer support lead to growth?

The same is true for individuals: can you grow by dressing up, starting something new, working more hours, being socially appealing, taking care of your health and relationships, or studying every day?

As you make more and more judgments in this way, you begin to talk about one layer higher: "What is growth that I can believe in?" and "For whom is this growth really for?

Since only we know, we have no choice but to polish the sparkles we can believe in while answering the questions we are asked.

November 14, 2022

The Culture of Discussion, the Beginning

Mogic has always had a culture of digging deep into themes within the company, and this culture has its origins in a conversation between two board members.

We have been talking three times a week for more than a decade, for a total of at least three hours, and it always starts with material that is far removed from the company or business.


I was kicked by martial artist Andy Hug when I was younger."
In the majors, they've recently been using a machine called iPitch to recreate the pitcher's ball.
There's a phenomenon where if my kids are on their phones, they stop taking care of their dogs."
Or, "The Roman army, with their heavy cavalry equipment, is pretty amazing."

It's completely unrelated, but I find that it leads to insights that are relevant to business and management.

If you think about it, management is about extracting the essence from many different events, so perhaps this is training for that.

November 07, 2022

Don't hesitate!

I attended a wedding for the first time in a long time that had all but disappeared due to the Corona disaster.

I've been talking to relatives of working members.

I think it's great that as a company, they've managed to make something that seems like a waste of time not so much. It looks like fun to work there."

I was grateful for the kind words.

It is most gratifying to be seen as such by those around you.

If the length of life is 80 years, I feel it is better to have 64 years of fun and 16 years of patience than to have 16 years worth of fun and 80% of patience, which is equivalent to 20%.

I'd like to shorten the time period a bit more, and I'd rather have 292 fun days than have to endure 292 days out of the year.

The idea is the same for an even shorter 7-hour workday.

As an extreme hypothetical, if we consider that the sum of the pleasant hours of life is an extension of the sum of the pleasant hours of a day, we cannot neglect the significance of working even for a single day.

This creates the proposition that working = doing one's requested work properly and at the same time, the enjoyment felt by the individual must be superimposed and realized.

The best thing is that despite the same job description, he/she will enjoy it, not endure it! The best thing would be that he/she can think of it as "fun!

I believe that the only way to achieve this is to take a long time and learn from many different people and their different perspectives on things on various occasions.

As a result, the company does not hesitate to develop events or create services that it would not normally undertake.