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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

November 07, 2016

Rock Climbing of Ideas

When promoting ideas, we often create "branches of thought" by writing down more and more associations on paper together.

Circles and lines like mind maps are well-known tools for generating ideas, but they are used differently.

Several people will each create a branch of thought, and at the end, everyone will look at everyone's branches of thought and figure out where the members connect to each other and where the team as a whole is more blank.

By doing so, we dare to discard the parts we "think about too much on a daily basis," find new challenges in areas we have not thought about, and use them as footholds to climb up again.

I call it rock climbing of ideas, because I can't see the end at all, but for some reason I get the feeling that I am climbing.

Perhaps it is the same as rock climbing, but people who are not used to it seem to have a fear of continuing to climb at first.