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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

December 07, 2015

Dealing with Complexity

What I feel every day is that the situation around me and the challenges that arise are becoming more complex and more difficult every year.

It would be easy if there was a clear demarcation between complexity and simplicity, or if some alert (warning) went up when the boundary was crossed, but the opposite is true: the inability to know where complexity and simplicity begin and end makes the problem difficult.

One thing we do know is that more people make mistakes in situations and assignments of increased complexity.

It also tends to continuously increase the number of mistakes made by many people.

Considering the enormous increase in data volume from now into the future and the fact that IP addresses will be assigned to everything, it is inevitable that the situation will become more complex than usual.

So, how do we as an organization deal with the complexity that looms in the future, and how do we deal with it in the years ahead?

Whether the complexity is handled by one talented person or a team, we continue to explore the latter.