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We are promoting a new era of company management.
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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

July 31, 2023

The important thing is to be slow and steady.

We have a lot of work to do." Resources are tight. We need to hire people."

When I am busy, I often hear these voices.

However, as you are familiar with, hiring does not easily increase resources or make things easier.

I can think of several reasons.

It takes more than six months for a new person to get used to it and move around well.

Because it's a busy site and I don't have enough spare time to teach the people who come in.

Because they make mistakes on their own without being taught, and then they stop.

Because as the number of people increases, the cost of communalization will in turn double.

If you're in a hurry, you're going to be lax in your hiring criteria.

Instead of getting any easier, the signs are not so good.

Perhaps because it is not a cause and effect of things to do / resources = time to accomplish.

So I stop for a moment and try to regulate my breathing, which has been disturbed by my haste.

Looking out the window

breathe heavily (e.g. with much movement of the shoulders)

Breathe in with a sigh

Also, fouh.

When is it really ideal to hire and for what motives?

Under what circumstances should the person being hired be welcomed?

After hiring, what happens afterwards to make it an ideal team?

After inhaling, I thought, well, maybe I should have asked this first.

There is no better way to think about what is important than to think about it loosely.

July 24, 2023

They, they, they who flapped their wings

Using a service called Caiwani, created by a subsidiary, we are now able to communicate with internship graduates.

Caiwani https://caiwani .net/

Originally, Mogic had its own topic posting service linked to its internal chat, and Caiwani was created in reference to this service.

Chat is convenient for instant messaging, but its weakness is that it flows too fast, making it impossible to track past history.

So, in conjunction with the chat, we were able to accumulate topics by theme, which led to loose education.

For the first time, we are trying to share information virtually with Mogic's graduating intern alumni and current employees/interns.

I have no idea what kind of information would be appreciated by someone I haven't seen in six months to a few years.

For starters, I put up a list of books I buy at Mogic each week and write a Q&A session from a current intern.

We are thinking of their future as they flap their wings through trial and error.

July 18, 2023

Riding on a local train

In the IT industry, there is a term called the Attention Economy.

Attention, in other words, is the idea that the economy will turn only when people pay attention to it.

Unlike in the past, we deal not with objects but with formless consciousness.

Once upon a time, an acquaintance of mine used to say, "You have to take away the line of sight.

They believe that if they can hold the eye, a pipeline of information will be created, which will probabilistically determine their next action.

Crushed into almost imperceptibly small pieces and skillfully rearranged, the shimmering shards flow into everyone without hesitation.

The better that logic works, the longer as possible, the more attention-grabbing dynamics will be at work.

The significant increase in the amount of time spent looking at smartphones over the past decade reflects this constant effort.

That's what I thought as I scrolled through the screen while being swayed by the local train running along the seaside, rattling, tapping, tapping.

Where was the attention before it was directed to the smartphone?

I can no longer recall.

July 10, 2023

Why it should be fun

The projects are fun, and before you know it, you find yourself adding one or another.

There is more than one cloud service that we provide to our clients, for example, LearnO, an e-learning system.

One main, one in the next major development, one in operational system improvement, one as we promote announcements, one in marketing, one in customer support, one in inside sales, one in sales, one in partner collaboration, and one in new idea development.

As with any other service, we triple the number of things we do, so that in the short term we have one project to make an app, one to make a calendar, one to make novelty items, one to think about displays, one to update the recruitment site, one to improve the way we work, one to audit risks, one to find out how to recruit, one to find P-marks and ISMS, one to improve the way we recruit, and one to improve the way we work. One project to update the recruitment website, one project for each media, one project for overall education, one project to audit risks, one project for P-Mark and ISMS, one project to find ways to recruit, one project to improve the way we work, one project to come up with new internal tools, one project to One project to come up with internal tools, one project to develop the next service.

If you include meetings with each department and client, the number must be substantial.

If the project is still progressing slowly, without rest or weariness, it is because it is fun.

July 03, 2023

purify oneself (religiously) at the end of the summer

It has been exactly six months since the beginning of the year.

First of all, I thank God that everyone was safe.

At the same time, it also helps to flush out things that have been stagnant and unnoticed on a day-to-day basis.

Data that is no longer seen, websites that are not updated, overgrown plants, workflows that don't work, cluttered desks, outdated materials, too many agendas, piles of files, neglected work, books that don't fit, faded floor tiles, clogged coffee roasters, ideas that no longer work.

Throw away what you throw away, give away what you give away, stop what you stop, divide what is too big, change the way you do what doesn't work, and if you have been blinded, be courageous enough to see it.

The more we flow, the more we feel the process that everyone has worked hard for.