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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

April 16, 2024

stick one's neck into trouble

Whenever I have a little free time, I help maintain the equipment, whether it's in my office or someone else's room.

We started this project by replacing the faucet with a shower head.

Unlike electrical work, it does not require a license and can be easily started, but the main drawback of the plumbing system is the small work space.

You can finally see the water hose when you poof open the lower door of the sink, take out a large amount of stuff, turn over and slowly slide in head first to the back of the sink.

I relied on the light on my phone to check the hot and cold water connections, determined the durability of the water line, and took a quick snapshot to check around the nut that secures the water valve from below, and that was the first step.

After allocating a replacement faucet online, matching detailed specifications one by one, and finally determining the price, the replacement procedure is envisioned.

However, when we actually try it, we often struggle more than expected because the old water valve may have unexpected joints.

Phew, I don't know how I got into this mess, but I am trying as much as time allows to do what I can to be useful.

I'm going to look into this or that and try to do what could be done in an instant by asking an expert.

Putting your own hands on it is also a risk you are willing to take.

What if the old faucet rusted out and couldn't be removed? What if the replacement does not connect properly? What if the water leaks at a later date? What if the damage caused by the leak spreads to the surrounding area?

You may think that I am getting involved in something totally troublesome.

From a business standpoint, this is a matter that should be covered by hiring a specialist for unfamiliar and time-consuming work.

That's true, but it's not just about construction, but also about work and management.

Everyone thinks it looks like a hassle, so it's worth a try.

So I did it, and wow, it's a different kind of hassle, and that's hard to get rid of.


People can feel like people.

I want you to tell me what you eat on a regular basis, and I will guess who you are." I'll make you guess what kind of person you are."

This is a well-known quote from a gastronome who lived in the 18th century.

Time flies, early 21st century

Now we can ask the computer for something similar.

I want you to tell me the words you use on a regular basis. I will guess what kind of person you are."

And so it went further and now

'I want you to tell me what sentences you use on a regular basis. I'll guess what kind of person you are and then I'll write it for you."

The technique of vectorizing food as a representation of lifestyle and using correlation coefficients between food and food to determine a person's image now extends to words, sentences, and images.

There is no way to avoid the flow of the uniqueness of an individual being mapped flat through the filter of statistics.

What is it that makes people feel like people?

Where is the boundary between the two?

This has become a very important theme in the future management of the company.


Putting the Future in Review

Various teams ask me to review what the interns have created.

When called into the conference room, they give a quick presentation and then ask, "What do you think? It is a common practice to ask, "What do you think?

The first one or two pictures I see give me an idea of what I need to feed back, so from there I imagine the future as they walk away from this for the rest of the time.

An example would be.

You may feel relieved that you are on your own, but in a few years, if your junior colleagues can do the same, your raison d'etre will diminish, and you will wonder if anyone else can do the job. I realize that the shadow of my career and purpose in life will follow me everywhere.

It is very important to do the work that you are asked to do, and to do it well.

On top of that, I would like you to include one of your own specialties.

Persistence is something that can only come from a person's character and the way he or she has lived.

Even if no one notices and someone belittles you, keep the particulars in.

The spirit of persistence will accumulate and eventually become the foundation of life.