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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

February 28, 2022

Stock up very early.

An old acquaintance of more than 15 years told me, "You are still doing the birthday cake event as usual.

I remember that, and chuckle to myself that it has been the same all these years.

In the IT field, nothing moves forward if you are only a planner. You can only show your strength when you work together with directors, designers, engineers, customer support, editors, and sales.

You can lie and say that all you need is a pen and paper to live, but the truth is, it's not much.

With such a sense of guilt, I came up with the idea of a birthday party for everyone.

It is the planner's greatest training to know how to involve and direct the people around him or her.

Some things worked, and a lot of things didn't.

One thing I have learned is that it is better to do a little bit of preparation very early on.

The person is unaware of what he or she is seeing, and later connects the lines to solve the mystery.

It would be charming if they planted too much here and there and sprouted without knowing it, like acorns hidden by squirrels.

February 21, 2022

I'm going to work hard today.

It may seem surprising, but many people join Mogic and many leave.

Because there is an atmosphere of teamwork and mutual follow-through, it may be difficult to imagine people quitting.

In fact, many people actually work there for a long time.

However, life is full of unexpected events.

It could be a family situation, my life stage, or the timing of starting a business.

As the saying goes, "Where there is a beginning, there is an end, and once in a lifetime is a lifetime," and I consider it a miracle that we were able to work together for just one precious moment in our lives.

Last week, two of them coincidentally headed off to new fields.

A few last words I received.

I started my internship at Mogic two years ago. It has been an amazing journey. Being an international student in Japan felt very special and I got a lot of love from everyone at Mogic."

Although Mogic is a company, it is also an educational institution, and I found that part very interesting."

We will work hard today so that our time working together will be meaningful.

February 14, 2022

I'm thinking casually.

Mogic gives away original calendars and releases joke apps.

If you look within the company, we draw comics in a relay format and post topics of our choice on our own social networking site.

Skits are performed at birthday parties, and sweets are selected and ordered for seasonal events.

It's a business, and our core business is IT education services, so we ask, "What's the point? Don't you want to spoil your workers?" We are sometimes asked, "What is the point?

The conversation ends with a look of incomprehension when I reply, "It seems to make sense at the moment, and I don't think I'm being naive."

I was feeling the difficulty of explaining it logically, so I will put it over the story of biological evolution.

Evolutionary Techniques - 4 Billion Years of Diversion, Theft, and Conflict
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There is a constant struggle inside the genome.

Some genetic material exists to increase the number of copies of itself.

It could be a foreign invader, like a virus that invades and takes over the genome.

Or it could be an intrinsic sequence, such as a jumping gene that proliferates and enters the genome here and there.

When these selfish genetic materials land in certain areas, they are sometimes used to create new tissues, such as the endometrium, or to support new functions such as memory and cognition.

Genetic variation can spread throughout the genome in just a few generations.


The theory is that the evolution of living organisms is more often the result of accidental mutations that create functions that are used for other purposes, rather than proceeding for a fixed purpose.

It is not that birds have a light skeleton or are covered with feathers in order to fly, but that they are able to fly because of a favorable set of factors.

It is hard to believe that such a coincidence is possible, but the accumulation of hundreds of millions of years must be an area that the human mind is unaware of.

While leaping too much over the grand flow of time, I am casually thinking that the seemingly futile product creation, events, and ordering may or may not become the foundation of some day.

February 07, 2022

Counseling about lack of confidence

I have received many consultations about "I am not confident in myself.

The development of leaning in and saying, "Oh yeah, that's okay, we all do that."

What in particular am I not confident about?" and delve deeper into the development.

He expanded, "Well, pick someone who seems confident."

There are many different developments that occur after a consultation, depending on the situation.

I hope that our conversation at one point led to something, but I am not sure about that.

What's the opposite of "I'm not sure about myself" to the occasional person who asks for advice? I will throw a question that will embarrass them.

Just as someone once said that the opposite of love is not hate but ignorance, the opposite of self-doubt is not as simple as self-doubt.

The foundation supporting the lack of confidence must be the opposite, because the foundation supporting the lack of confidence must be the memories of past failures and shadowy figures that continue into the future.

So one possible synonym would be "the self that seems to have nothing to do with the past or the future.