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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

September 11, 2020

Drink special section, plaster molding, LAN cable making

Usually on any given day, I hear a warbling somewhere, and when I go there, I find a few people cooking or eating something.

Tea and juice are provided free of charge in the office, but since that is not interesting enough, a team called the Drink Special Selection Department was set up last month with volunteers to carefully select and prepare drinks that are popular and out of the ordinary.

Watermelon juice, lemonade specialty cup juices, and other drinks are compared and talked about in the company's online chat rooms.

On another occasion, a group of people were laughing so hard that they put their hands in a small bag. Apparently, the squishy feeling was well received.

On another occasion, we were short of LAN cables after a move, so we assigned all employees the task of making LAN cables as a mandatory task.

It's just the right level of difficulty and work time, so I make it while saying, "Oh, you're so dexterous," or "It's so frustrating to fail.

They all use plenty of IT, but they also like to enjoy it with all five senses.