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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

March 23, 2019

We're discussing to simplify.

One thing I noticed when I was told by an outsider was that we often have discussions here and there. Regardless of their position, whether they are board members, employees, or interns, they will come up with ideas on a topic, make a bad argument, expand their rationale, and contribute to a path to a conclusion.

But basically, the ideas that are put forth are rarely adopted and are buried.

So many ideas come up that it becomes the norm. I never feel that my opinion is ignored or denied.

And every now and then they ask me, "Have you had any doubts lately?" And if I say "no," they ask, "Is it true that you don't have that many questions? Why don't you have any questions? If I say "no," I am often asked, "Is it true that you don't have so many questions?

We do not receive one-sided instructions from anyone, but rather thoroughly ask and answer any questions that are of concern to us.

By doing so, aspects that the requesting party was not aware of are brought to light and become simpler and simpler.

Seems to be the first discussion to simplify things.