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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

January 31, 2022

When wax plum blossoms bloom

I remember going to my ikebana teacher's house when I was a child, when the wax plum trees were in bloom.

Now that I work in IT, I am often thought of as a crunchy, logical person using numbers, but my sense of management is similar to my relationship with nature. Let's start with a seasonal passage.

Hi-Nichijou Korei-Happiness: 15 Things "Tea" Taught Me About Happiness
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Before, there were only two types of seasons: hot and cold.

It got finer and finer.

In spring, first the bokeh bloomed, then the plum blossoms, then the peaches, and then the cherry blossoms.

When the cherry blossoms are in leaf, the wisteria clusters are fragrant, and the azaleas are in full bloom, the air begins to feel stuffy and the first rains of the rainy season begin to fall.

Plum blossoms are swelling, irises are blooming by the water, hydrangeas are blooming, and the beets smell sweet.

When the hydrangeas are over, the rainy season is over and "cherries" and "plum fruits" are available.

The seasons came and went as if they were folding in on themselves, and there was no such thing as a blank space.

The four seasons of "spring, summer, autumn, and winter" are divided into twenty-four according to the old calendar.

But for me, in fact, every week I went to tea was a different season.

We are not in the heavy equipment industry, so to put it succinctly, it is all about bringing people together.

The people gathered together change with each passing milestone, not just every year.

Some have sprouted tiny buds, some have swollen buds, some are blooming, and some are storing up roots.

I believe that we should accept the changing world and change the way we think as it flows.

January 24, 2022

A hunch that comes to mind, the time it takes

Sometimes a hunch that comes to mind can take years to finally be confirmed.

Like alcohol stored in a barrel, the words and pictures are initially stored in the barrel and dissolve very slowly.

It took me 10 years to get the intuition that I should create my own company.

Should provide educational IT services LearnO, 7 years to.

Five years to let's evaluate analogously without setting a goal.

If you display it for people walking in front of your office, is three years.

For a while, things are bitterly unchanged, so there are no small number of wayside stops.

The desire to rush and rip off results is always constant.

It seems that only with patience and time and effort can the unseen be in good shape.

January 17, 2022

Loosely connected

Since the beginning of the New Year, we have been distributing the 2022 edition of Mogic's original calendar in front of our office.

Since last year's event was so well received, we were skeptical whether people would look forward to this year's event again, or not, but all of the over 70 copies, divided over three days, were gone within a few hours.

A look at the survey shows that the responses ranged from "I enjoyed using it last year, so I'm looking forward to it again this year," to "I would love to participate in creating a display for my office.

We were just talking about exploring new partnerships with outside parties this year, so it hit me.

We also wanted to collaborate with those walking in front of Mogic's office.

Even if we do not belong to a company, we can create something together.

It will be a year of loose connections both online and offline.

January 11, 2022

Curiosity sprouts.

We encourage our employees as well as interns to communicate with us at every opportunity.

It could be a small talk at the beginning of a meeting, writing a blog post, trying out a new design idea, or developing an opinion in an online chat.

At first, I am at a loss to express what is inside me.

There may be many reasons: you are not ready, you are embarrassed, you are not used to it, you have never done it before.

But that's okay.

Even if it is awkward, inexperienced, exposed, or unsure, show it to someone.

On my own, I can procrastinate in sending out information as much as I want, and I cannot get a reaction, so it is just right that I am tied down by the company.

If you think they are watching you, somehow you will develop a new curiosity.

January 06, 2022

Started warming up on the stove.

The company started early in 2022.

I arrive at work an hour earlier than usual and crack on to a thin and cold office.

It brings back hazy memories in my head that I have completely forgotten what work to do.

It was supposed to snow today, and I turned the knob of the oil heater and turned on the fire because I was not comfortable with just the air conditioner.

The talking humidifier says, "It's been a while," then "The humidity is too low," so I place a kettle full of water on the stove.

It was old-fashioned, and I was thinking of starting to write before everyone arrived, but my fingers were freezing and I couldn't move at all, so I decided not to.

And so I pour myself a cup of coffee and this blog will be the first thing I write this year.

We look forward to working with you again this year.

December 27, 2021

Long vacations spent in a daze

Sometimes I wake up and immediately think, "Oh, let's go with that idea.

Some people seem to float while walking or showering, and I have found one hypothesis that solves the mystery and share it with you.

When you dream, your brain is
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The NEXTUP model considers dreams to be a form of sleep-dependent memory processing.

It works uniquely to extract new knowledge from existing memory through the discovery and strengthening of previously untapped weak associations.

Whenever there is a new memory that has just been converted that day - an important event, a discussion overheard at work, or a minor concern - the brain begins to search for other, less relevant memories.

omission (of middle part of a text)

Surprising, creative and insightful, it searches for and reinforces useful associations and nudges awareness in the form of dreams.

During the day, you are making decisions based on your strong belief that "this is the way it should be! During the day, we make decisions based on our strong beliefs, and while we are sleeping, we look back and think, "But maybe not.

The idea is that a feeble awareness is more important than it seems.

With that prefatory note, tomorrow is the New Year's vacation long weekend.

As in previous years, it will be spent in a daze.

December 20, 2021

Kronos and Kairos

There have always been two divisions of "time" in the West, known as chronos and kairos.

From Wiki, a little confusing, but let me quote

The two words Kronos, the god of time, and Kairos, also a Greek god, were originally common nouns for "time": καιρός (kairos) means "time" and χρόνος (chronos) means "hour," respectively.

Kronos is the one that is continuously connected from the past all the way to the future, and kairos is the one that captures the present moment in a deeply engraved manner.

If we apply these two axes, the world becomes easier to cut out.

Although the 1cm itself is visible, it does not end infinitely when the 1cm is divided into smaller pieces, mathematics.

We are talking about the fun of enjoying a special family feast today while making a fixed deposit for the future.

This is a story about a web service that sets KPIs for goals to be achieved, while at the same time pursuing the experience (usability) of the people who actually operate the screen.

It is about company management, predicting company performance based on past figures while increasing the satisfaction of those who work for the company.

Two concepts: kronos and kairos.

I assume that this division was made because it is probably difficult to reconcile the two well.

If you immerse yourself too much in your personal world, you will not be able to come to terms with the world, and if you only care about the rules of the world, you will lose the individual.

From an Oriental perspective, however, the problem may arise because of the division into two categories for easier understanding.

Therefore, I try to carefully consider one thing at a time when managing my business in light of this whole area.

December 13, 2021

Falling here and there, getting back up.

We have all had the experience of running our eyes out when we were little, falling down, and scraping our knees.

Gradually, you will learn how much force you need to use to fall, and you will not fall so easily.

Eventually, as they grow older, they fall less physically and more psychologically this time.

You fall down when you get a bad exam result, you fall down when you cut your hand cooking, you fall down when you become sensitive with a friend, you fall down when you stop improving at a sport, you fall down when you lose money, you fall down when your girlfriend dumps you, you fall down when you don't get along as a leader at your part-time job, you fall down when you don't talk with your boss.

There is no good or bad thing about falling, but you do not want to be injured so badly that you cannot get back on your feet.

The only way to learn to roll well is to get up and try again, tripping and making abrasions.

However, there are not that many opportunities to stumble upon the modern era and try again.

Before you fall, you have the support of your parents and school, and you have smart phones and entertainment, and you can live your life without having your heart scraped.

It will be painful for parents to see their children fall, so they will arrange to avoid obstacles.

Or they may fall and have no support at all, isolating themselves and deepening their own wounds.

Because of this situation, even strategy is needed to practice falling down here and there.

The doer must consider how the environment is conducive to falling, how wide the range of falls can be accommodated, and the level at which they can try again if they fall, and at the same time, the observer must guess what to watch and what not to watch, and at what times to provide what type of support.

Since this is an issue related to people's growth, naturally the company's management has been faced with similar challenges.

It seems to me that just being nicely organized, having a great vision and plan, and having excellent systems and capabilities is no longer enough for continued development.