Mogic thinks

With a combination of a small number of people + software + servers and robots.
We are promoting a new era of company management.
I hope to share some of the process in this section.

Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

What you see in the subtraction series

There is a theme called the subtraction series, where we try to subtract "what seems most important" from "what is obvious" and see what is left.

It's like what happens when you remove the bean jam from anpan.

You are free to think about whether it will be just bread or air bean jam.

I quote in the beginning from a book I found on what happens when you subtract year-over-year sales and quarterly targets from capitalism.

Minority Design

Since I was a child, I have been saved by many creators.

omission (of middle part of a text)

However, when I jumped into society, I realized that people in all industries and professions called "creators" were tired.

The reason for this is that the economy is trying to eat up all the talent we have.

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But on the other hand, I think people are starting to realize this.

I realized that it's not all about achieving a 10 "1" percent increase in sales over the previous year, or meeting a "quarter" goal.

As the workforce shrinks, the domestic market shrinks, and various disparities widen, we realize that we will run out of steam and go under if we only try our best to meet short-term goals.

One of my juniors tweeted something like this.

Where the hell is capitalism going?


One answer is that "capitalism" - "sales and profits" = "realizing the importance of minorities.

If sales and profits are left alone, they will approximate the focus on the majority in terms of efficiency, and therefore tend to give less consideration to minorities.

This may also be the reason why we dare to set up something like the SDGs.

There is no specific answer, but if you subtract "dreams" from "life," "your rights" from "society," or "the president" from "the company," you will notice things that you may have been blind to.