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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

January 30, 2023

Factor in the fragility.

It seems bad when you hear that there are fragile places.

The edge of the railing is rusty and brittle, the moods rise and fall a lot, the tears are brittle, the teamwork is brittle because of disagreements before the game, the mental brittle because of someone's comments.

If it is fragile, the vectors that need to be strengthened, reinforced, and restored naturally come into play.

However, we must not forget that fragility has its advantages.

I read a long time ago in social network theory that there is a role for each of the strong and weak links in human relationships.

Social Networks
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For example, a "tight network" is actually less beneficial to its members than one that contains many blank spaces in the network (structural holes) or one that is loosely connected to other actors outside the main network (weak ties). The following are some of the most common examples.

A more open network contains more social voids and weak connections, and may be more open to new ideas and opportunities than a closed network filled with redundant connections.

In other words, it goes like this.

A group of friends who just do something together have already shared the same knowledge and opportunities.

On the other hand, a group of individuals who are involved in other social worlds have access to a wider range of information.

Strong and solid can be said to be fixed and rickety, while brittle and fragile can be said to be fluid and changeable.

Therefore, I believe that whether you are running a company or living a life, you should be able to weave in the fragility that we tend to turn a blind eye to.