Mogic thinks

With a combination of a small number of people + software + servers and robots.
We are promoting a new era of company management.
I hope to share some of the process in this section.

Representative Director Yoichi Yamane


Extra cram sessions are being held.

Extra cram sessions are held in-house as needed.

What I used to do were entrepreneurial lessons, notebook meetings, job hunting consultations, etc. Recently, I have been running a web director school.

As before, there will be no handouts or agenda, and we will build the lecture by asking questions.

What I like about this style is that it is a surprising discovery for me.

If you know what you are going to say beforehand, you will be close to reproducing what you have output in the past, but if you improvise, you will say things that you are not even aware of.

What we were talking about in this director school was something like "it's important to control your own time.

He talked about how you can only have more time if you set your own ideal deadline, rather than deciding your work time based on the constraints of the work others ask you to do or the projects you are assigned.

He wanted to say that, unlike designers and engineers, they don't create things that are easy to understand, so their greatest asset is their handling of time.

However, I am not sure that this point is always important, and I am sure that different people would have different things to say.

Therefore, it would be more accurate to say that I am not telling you what a web director should be, but rather that I am exploring with you the "blind spots that people have in front of them.