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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

November 21, 2022

Something to believe in growth.

Spend your money and time on things you believe will grow."

is an easy-to-understand expression and is a criterion for making an investment decision.

In the case of a company, it is easy to answer the questions: Does a stylish interior design lead to growth, does launching a new service lead to growth, does increasing the number of workers lead to growth, does prominent advertising lead to growth, does providing more customer support lead to growth, does providing ample training lead to growth? Does more customer support lead to growth?

The same is true for individuals: can you grow by dressing up, starting something new, working more hours, being socially appealing, taking care of your health and relationships, or studying every day?

As you make more and more judgments in this way, you begin to talk about one layer higher: "What is growth that I can believe in?" and "For whom is this growth really for?

Since only we know, we have no choice but to polish the sparkles we can believe in while answering the questions we are asked.