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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

January 29, 2024

2009 Mogic Trip

The company name Mogic Mogic was often mistaken when it was established, and "Mr. Magic Magic" was one thing, while "Mr. Text Assembler" and "Mr. Text Proofreader" were quite distant and sometimes referred to as "Mr. Text Assembler" and "Mr. Text Proofreader".

Fortunately, I am rarely mistaken for Mogic these days, but since I no longer have the opportunity to talk about why we chose the name Mogic, I thought I would write it down here.

When I created the company, I was alone, so I had to ask myself the same question to come up with a name for the company.

My first thought was that the company is people.

No matter how hard you work on IT, at the end of the day, it's people.

So I was wondering what it would be nice to think of when various people get together.

It would be perfect if I could think, "I had a good encounter here.

So what would be considered a good meeting?

It would be nice if there was a burst of laughter, and something that I could not do alone would appear before my eyes in a flash.

Yes, science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke said that.

He said, "Well-developed science and technology are indistinguishable from magic."

So I was inspired to do so.

I think that "the results achieved when people meet and create wonderful chemical reactions, and with the help of well-developed information technology, are indistinguishable from magic."

This may sound like a made-up story, but I really came up with the idea while soaking in the bathtub, Archimedes-style.

Let's shorten it a bit and make the base phrase "connect people, share wisdom, and accomplish magic."

Furthermore, how can we condense it down to the company name?

Yeah, if you put the two kanji characters for "person" and "human" together, it looks like an M.

Next, let's express "connect" with "◯".

Magic is Magic.

So, M + O + Magic = Mogic.

Mosic, it may sound strange, but I'm sure you'll remember me, so here goes!


That was the way it went.

So it is only natural that the company's stance is to "grow together and emphasize teamwork" rather than individual skills.

And the catchphrase "Creativity Beyond Imagination" that the interns gave us along the way.

This is also a match in the sense that it is a creation that goes beyond one's own imagination and overlays everyone's individuality.

We jumped out as a company in 2009 and have traveled all over the place together.

If I hear more and more "it was a good meeting" in each passing day, I will only be happy from my own perspective, floating in a starry sky far away in a bathtub.