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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

November 15, 2021

Sexual misconduct and audit residuals

Over the past few years, Mogic's operations have grown even more, with more things to use and more to do.

With that, I suspected that the efforts of the directors alone to check the company were reaching their limits.

So a year ago, I gathered some people within the company and started a risk audit committee.

We meet about once a month to identify possible risks and create a policy to deal with them.

Only then do we switch our stance to a sexist view, and discuss what kind of mechanism is best to prevent the creation of devious feelings even if they should arise.

That is how I believe many systems, tools, and work flows have set and improved the level of information management.

But for some reason I felt that was not enough, so this year I decided to have an outside audit done by an accounting or law firm.

What we found as a result was that there was a lack of attention to things that were largely contained but in small proportions (a few percent of the total in terms of cost).

Although it is a small percentage, someone should check it out because you never know what kind of chain of events the risks that occur there might be.

In this way, a flow was created to systematically check even the smallest expenses.

Steady maintenance is essential for everyone to enjoy doing this.