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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

November 07, 2022

Don't hesitate!

I attended a wedding for the first time in a long time that had all but disappeared due to the Corona disaster.

I've been talking to relatives of working members.

I think it's great that as a company, they've managed to make something that seems like a waste of time not so much. It looks like fun to work there."

I was grateful for the kind words.

It is most gratifying to be seen as such by those around you.

If the length of life is 80 years, I feel it is better to have 64 years of fun and 16 years of patience than to have 16 years worth of fun and 80% of patience, which is equivalent to 20%.

I'd like to shorten the time period a bit more, and I'd rather have 292 fun days than have to endure 292 days out of the year.

The idea is the same for an even shorter 7-hour workday.

As an extreme hypothetical, if we consider that the sum of the pleasant hours of life is an extension of the sum of the pleasant hours of a day, we cannot neglect the significance of working even for a single day.

This creates the proposition that working = doing one's requested work properly and at the same time, the enjoyment felt by the individual must be superimposed and realized.

The best thing is that despite the same job description, he/she will enjoy it, not endure it! The best thing would be that he/she can think of it as fun, not as endurance, even though the work is the same.

I believe that the only way to achieve this is to take a long time and learn from various people and their different perspectives on various occasions.

As a result, the company does not hesitate to develop events or create services that it would not normally undertake.