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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

June 12, 2024

Asked about all kinds of "growth".

Every few months a representative interview comes along.

This time we were asked about "growth" from all angles.

Surprisingly, growth is difficult to put into words.

First, let me ask you about your growth so far as Mogic.

- I understand that you started out as a one-person consulting firm. Why did you make the decision to add more people?

Yamane: From the time we registered as a joint stock company, we had decided that one day we would work with others.

But when you start a company with a few people, the fixed costs are still heavy.

Labor costs and rent.

I needed a lot of money to pay for it and get it off the ground, and I wanted to start a little more loosely, so I started on my own.

Fortunately, I got the job from a friend and acquaintance, and after a few months it looked like I could make it work, so I kind of teamed up with others and went for it.

Let's grow! Rather, I wanted to do more of what I could do.

- From there, it took us about another year to start our own branded service. What did you need to do to grow and start your own service?

Yamane: After all, it is very difficult to expand services all by ourselves (laughs).

No wonder.

Choose a field that will become a business, develop a plan, work out the funding, manage the schedule, and finally release the product.

But that's where the game begins, and although the running cost of the server was high, no one responded at all.

We have to do development, promotion, and marketing, but we can't devote that much time and resources.

So I was always looking for ways to get it off the ground with the least amount of man-hours.

It is quite different from working for a company to create a service, so I think we gradually got better at it by carefully managing our own resources.

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