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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane


Fail-safe, through-safe

When you are tinkering with machines, you often come across the word fail-safe.

In other words, a system that prevents injury even if it breaks down.

To expand, I quote from Wiki.

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Fail safe (fail safe) is a reliability design method that ensures or encourages safe operation of a device or system in the event of failure due to damage to components or malfunction due to faulty operation or malfunction.

This is based on the assumption that equipment and systems 'will always fail.


In the case of an airplane, it is fail-safe if it is designed to glide to a safe landing even if it loses all thrust due to engine failure.

When the engine of a helicopter is stopped, the helicopter can glide and land in the same manner as an airplane by using the autorotation method of flight.


When an overcurrent flows, the fuse itself melts and breaks, thereby stopping further overcurrent and preventing the board, etc. from burning out or catching fire.

In this regard, the insertion of fuses in electrical circuits and the fuses themselves are also a kind of fail-safe.

We assume that 'it will always fail (make a mistake)'.

I feel this idea is very important in the operation and management of the company.

Needless to say, organizations and people make mistakes all the time.

You get it wrong whether you intend to or not.

I made two mistakes just now.

And if that's the case.

Without a doubt, we have to assemble it with mistakes.

Create a system and atmosphere where even if mistakes are made, they can be made well.

I think that is my idea of management.

If that's the case, just say it out loud.

While we aim to create an environment where if someone makes a mistake, someone else can point it out, and yet, to prevent fickle human beings from forgetting to point it out, we have a system that automatically detects such mistakes, and to avoid overlooking the possibility of mistakes when designing the system in the first place, we usually set aside an hour or so to "look for mistakes together". While we try to set aside an hour a month for "looking for mistakes together," it is of course not a perfect solution, and we must maintain a relaxed atmosphere in which mistakes that have occurred can be redefined as correct answers in a different way.

and then it became

if it comes to that

It's bad luck to talk about failure right from the start.
If you think of bad things, you attract bad things to your life.
You've been doing fine so far, so why are you looking for something wrong?
"It's complicated, don't think about it, just take it as it comes."

If someone says something like that to me, I'm suddenly pretending to be a fool.

Otherwise, much later.

I should have thought about it more instead of being carried away."
We were all so excited that we could do it.
I thought momentum was the most important thing.
I didn't think it would come to that.

I don't want to say that.

I think it's safe to go through the opinions that seem right at first glance if they don't ring a bell.