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Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

May 08, 2023

What is curiosity?

What is (having) curiosity? One theory says that it is "the feeling of wanting to fill in the blanks when there is a discrepancy between what you assumed in advance and what actually happened.

Yes, it was really supposed to be this way, but when I think it is strange, I want to investigate the cause and the situation anyway.

I dare to think of the opposite meaning here.

In other words, what does it mean to be "incapable" of curiosity? I mean, what does it mean to "not have curiosity"?

At first glance, this question may not seem necessary, but it is surprisingly often asked.

Then, since it is the opposite of the first definition, there will be "no discrepancy between what was assumed in advance and what actually happened" or "it was not assumed in advance in the first place".

If there is no discrepancy, there would be no desire to investigate anything, so I will eliminate that part and focus on the other "not assumed in advance," which is why it cannot be assumed.

That's because we can't assume anything because we have little or no knowledge of the situation.

Without a minimum of knowledge, it would be difficult to imagine the patterns that are about to occur.

That said, it is not easy to learn something you don't know.

I think it is better to be in an environment where people can naturally learn basic knowledge in order to have curiosity.

Curiosity itself is not the goal, so it is not something I am aiming for, but I think it is more interesting if everyone is excited, so I am creating all kinds of mechanisms to expose people to things they don't know.