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With a combination of a small number of people + software + servers and robots.
We are promoting a new era of company management.
I hope to share some of the process in this section.

Representative Director Yoichi Yamane

Home Runs and Striking Out

A long time ago, I had a conversation with a lawyer who is very active in New York.

He was the kind of person who was putting together more and more contracts worth billions and billions of yen, and he looked dashing and very smart.

As we were talking about various things, I suddenly asked a simple question.

Q: How can I learn to make big deals as well as you do?

He thought about it for a while before answering, though it seems too simple when I recall it now.

A: People who hit home runs in the majors, it's spectacular.

In order for him to hit home runs there, he needs to play a lot of major league games, and he needs to hit home runs in the minors before that.

In addition, I'm hitting home runs during practice and swinging at home in order to get into games in the minors.

You have to swing a hundred thousand times, think about it, and accumulate small results, and one day, if you're lucky, you'll hit under 30% in a major league game.

Do you pretend to be a deal maker?

I try to trade at all times, when I buy an apple, when I sign a parking contract.

I make small bare bones movements in my daily life.

It's a small pretense, so I'll keep doing it without worrying about the consequences.

That's how you get the little tricks and gradually make the big contracts.

In other words, big deals are a huge accumulation of small deals, so try to train yourself with small bargains every day.

When I heard this, I was impressed.

Be able to respond to ambiguous questions by focusing on the main points and explaining them clearly with examples.

I guess this is also a skill cultivated in the trade.

Since then, whenever I wanted to learn something, I would pretend to do so.

If you can try many times in a day, even if it is small, you will get better before you forget.